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We specialize in the Finest Cuts of Meat available, we're proud to carry Certified Angus Beef! We're also known for our fresh, sliced Service Meats, our Old Fashioned Deli, fresh made Salads and delicious Hot Foods.

While shopping our Deli/Hot Foods Dept. you'll be pleased to find a large selection of prepared foods and side dishes to help with your dinner ideas - Easy options for a home cooked meal.

In our Bakery Dept. we carry a full line of fresh breads and rolls and to complete your meal, we carry Fresh Baked Pies from Delectable Desserts as well as Rich's Dessert Cakes.

In our Beverage Department we carry a complete line of all major brands of beer, wine coolers, soda, energy sport drinks, a variety of juices along with bottled water.

We're pleased to carry fresh milk and a variety of orange juice products. We're also known for our Fresh Grade A Jumbo Eggs! 

We're proud of our fresh Produce department! We carry fresh fruits and vegetable all year long as well as local seasonal produce during the summer months. We also offer beautiful fresh made fruit baskets, available in 4 varieties, they make a great gift! Call ahead to special order.

We also sell NY State Online Lottery games, Mega Millions & Power Ball Multi-State Lottery as well as NY State Instant Scratch Off Tickets (over 40 different games available.)

Tim Clark Co-Owner - Ted Clark's Busy Market

Tim, son of Ted & Marie Clark, has worked at the store since childhood. His first job was sorting bottle returns. He worked along side his grandfather, father, mother and aunt. In those early days he stocked shelves, cut meat, cashiered, and worked produce. After high school, Tim went on to college and also taught school for a short time. In 1972 he decided to return to the business. Tim is now semi-retired but still goes into the store every day, handles most of the advertising and enjoys keeping a watchful eye over things...If you have questions for Tim, call 607-565-9065 or email management@tedclarks.com

Kathy Clark-Mourhess - Co-Owner-Ted Clark's Busy Market

Kathy is the youngest daughter of Ted & Marie Clark. Kathy started working at Ted Clark's in the early 1970's when she was in junior high school. After high school, she continued working while raising her family. In 1984 after her mother Marie's retirement, Kathy took over various administrative office duties of the store as well as overseeing the customer service center and various bakery departments. Kathy also serves as administrator of Ted Clark's social media marketing/advertising. If you have questions for Kathy, call 607-565-9065 or email kathy@tedclarks.com

Andy Forrest - Store Manager

Andy came to us in 1984 during his high school years. His first job was working as a stock person here at Ted Clark's. As our business has grown over the years, Andy's knowledge of the grocery business did as well, earning him the title of Grocery Manager in 1987. In 1994, Andy was promoted to Store Manager. He oversees all departments and daily operations of Ted Clark's Busy Market. Andy also has twin sons that currently work here at Ted Clark's. To date Andy has achieved over 30 years of continued service to Ted Clark's Busy Market. If you have any questions for Andy, call 607-565-9065 or email andy@tedclarks.com

Lynne Landmesser - Meat & Deli Manager

Lynne started working for us in 1992 and was promoted to Meat Dept. Manager in 1994. Lynne brings with him over 40 years experience in the meat department business, 22 years with Ted Clark's. Lynne oversees all areas of the Meat, Deli and Hot Foods Department. He prides himself in giving our customers exactly what they want, from fresh cuts of meat, various roasts, delicious homemade salads, Italian sausage and fresh or smoked kielbasa to name a few. Every November he's very busy preparing for the arrival of our fresh, Grand Champion Turkeys. Lynne would be pleased to answer any questions you may have, call 607-565-9065 or email lynne@tedclarks.com

Jim Frisbie - Produce Manager

Jim came to us in 1985 working as a stock person. By 1991 Jim was promoted to our produce department. To date Jim has achieved over 20 years experience in our produce department working side by side with Dick Dixson who recently retired. Due to Jim's hard work, dedication and knowledge of our fresh produce, he has been promoted to produce manager here at Ted Clark's. We have no doubt Jim will continue to bring his experience and passion about the produce business, offering our customers the finest, freshest produce available at affordable prices. He also continues a long standing relationship with local farmers who provide us with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. If you have any questions for Jim or would like to order our famous fresh made fruit baskets, please call him at 607-565-9065.

Open Every Day: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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